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Robbie Steinbach



Liberation is something that all of us may be wishing for right now:  freedom from illness, divisive politics, irrefutable evidence of climate change.   We are even wishing for liberation, at least temporarily, from our homes.  So, I have created a small doll springing forth from her cozy, wall-papered cube out into nature.  The box has an eye trapped at the bottom, warily watching her escape.  Outside, trees, plants, water, stones, and the sun offer consolation and perspective.

Materials: Solar etchings on paper, embroidery yarn, purchased doll and sequin heart

Price: $200 – SOLD – for purchase of other works, be in touch with artist: or 575-770-2569

Artist Bio

Robbie Steinbach is a printmaker, photographer, and book artist.  An Iowa native, she has lived in Taos since 2001, and is a former professor of photography and women’s studies. Steinbach’s solo shows over the years have included recent exhibitions of prints and artist books at the Harwood Art Museum and the Taos Center for the Arts.  She has been granted three artist residencies in Venice, Italy, under the auspices of the Emily Harvey Foundation.  Her printmaking and photography have investigated such diverse subjects as roller derby women in Taos, the colorful denizens of Caffe Tazza, phrenology, feminism, geometric abstraction in Spain and Morocco, and the effects of massive tourism on Venice.  Steinbach has published several photographic books, including those profiling creative women in Iowa and in Taos, New Mexico.

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