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Geneviève de Vellis

“Home: Past Present Future”



This project has been an awesome opportunity to reflect on “home” during the pandemic and current unsettling times. “Home” for me has been so much about my children who have just left home. This has brought me to a place of wonderment about what the present and future will be about.

Materials: Acrylic paint, collage, cotton, & a photo



Artist Bio

Geneviève de Vellis has been creating art since as long as she can remember. Living in New Mexico for the past 27 years and taking art classes at UNM Taos has influenced her art immensely. The quality of light that exists here has influenced artists and visitors to the Southwest since the beginning of time. It certainly has impacted Geneviève’s work over the years.

As the tradition of many artists, she has used printmaking as another medium of expression. In the practice of printmaking, she has found a way of allowing for more abstract elements to develop in her artwork.

While she creates as a passion, she has often been commissioned to create art for specific spaces or homes.

Her current work is about capturing the expressive qualities of people, primarily children and adolescents. She views portraiture as a subject with the same whimsy as her well known still life images.

Currently, she is collaborating with a local artist to illustrate a book of lullabies.

“If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere.” – Vincent Van Gogh


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