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Jennifer Vialpando

“See the Light”




I chose to relate my cube idea to being home during the pandemic. I wanted to keep my idea for the cube as simple as I could, yet powerful to get the meaning across. Literally as well! I enjoy making functional art, so I transformed my cube into a light – representing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel!

“See the Light” at the end of the tunnel represents the breakthrough that many people made, struggling with the lock down, the confinement to home, to family members, the frustration, the depression. It’s the breakthrough many people made adjusting to the situation and creating new things at home with family, new life, new ideas and personal growth. The images you see when the light is turned on are those that represent true growth for me. Simple in nature, tied to each one of us connecting us to the earth; tree, leaf, roots, and the trunk of a cut down tree with new growth.

“See the Light” will remind me daily (and I think this might be true to many) to slow down. The pandemic made us rethink things, to take the necessary precautions for yourself and your family, to stay healthy – it has created a world of inventive geniuses being at home or becoming couch potatoes! But, let this also serve (to the couch potatoes) as a reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and NOTHING lasts forever.

Materials: pine box, jig saw, wood stain (2 colors), brushes, recycled lamp shade, recycled extension cord, copper spray paint, copper wire, plastic chain link, light bulb, glue gun/glue sticks, Pencils



Artist Bio

My mom is Jennifer Vialpando who is a forty-four-year resident of Questa and has 20yrs of teaching service with the Questa Independent School District. She is a National Board-Certified Art teacher who enjoys helping others get in touch with their artistic side! She’s even drawn me a couple of times! When it comes to her students, she especially loves the facial expression on their faces when new ideas surface and more so when challenges are overcome! My mom has spent most of her time with me, and let me tell you, I’ve been super happy having her home teaching remotely, but lately, she’s always sitting in front of her computer and pays me no attention, always talking to these weird voices.  I bring her my piggie to throw for me, but she kicks it and tells me to go lay down. I might have to chew the corner of the couch again to get her attention! Don’t tell her I said that, because I’ll lose all of my yummy treats. I dread the day she has to go back to the classroom. (insert growl here)
– Love, Magnus (her soon to be 2yr old Great Dane)


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