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Northern NM Growers & Makers Exchange

As residents of northern New Mexico we make, grow, cook, bake and produce for our families and ourselves. When we have abundance – more garden veggies or choke cherries than we know what to do with – we need a solution. The Northern NM Growers and Makers Exchange serves as a local marketplace.  Home bakers, jelly makers, gardeners, crafters, artists, cooks, seamstresses, leather and wood workers are invited to sell or exchange their wares. Through this exchange we localized our economic efforts and enlivened the public community space in downtown Questa. 2016 was our first season; look for new iterations of the Northern NM Growers & Makers Exchange in 2017.

lastmarketoverview-12016: Seasonal, outdoor market in Questa’s Village Center
June 12 – October 2, 2016
This seasonal weekly gathering enabled small-scale producers and makers to offer produce and wares in a central, outdoor setting once a week throughout the 2016 growing season. Read more….

North Central New Mexico Story Cache


LEAP has begun a long-term project to establish a local oral history/story archive for North Central New Mexico (Questa and the surrounding communities, from Arroyo Hondo on the South end to Costilla on the North end). Taking inspiration from both traditional oral history and ethnographic approaches, as well as less traditional methods – events, conversations and the StoryCorps interview model, our hope is to facilitate the recording of local stories and traditions through meaningful conversations that link generations, and encourage cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives. A website is under construction to archive and share recordings and photographs (visual and audio artifacts). We are working on a physical location, to archive and exhibit photographs and other artifacts. See the beginnings of the project website here.

There were the three events in 2016, part of the launch of the oral history project: