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Ruby Sofrae ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

December 4, 2020

Ruby Sofrae is “a woman who works with her hands and seeks to never see a separation between Art and Life; she lives in Questa. Her unique piece, “I am: Home” is accompanied by a poem: 

We’re never truly lost if we are always home.
We’re never truly cold to others if we carry our own flame.
We’re never truly afraid if we feel that we are safe.
We’re never truly sick if we remember ourselves well.

Find images, a short annimation and audio reflection HERE.

Mary Hanrahan ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

December 3, 2020

Mary Hanrahan is a designer and artist living in Taos; her heart homeland is Ireland, where she holds dual citizenship. Her piece reflects her life-long interest in the subject of home and cancellation of a much anticipated trip to Ireland, due to pandemic restrictions. She reflects “My world both shrank and expanded…the box encapsulated my process of….getting ‘tiny’ again and relying on my imagination….” Her cube is a carefully crafted diorama that artfully weaves these strands together.

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Martha Shepp ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

December 2, 2020

Martha Shepp is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician and director/producer of innovative and interdisciplinary shows and performances. Having lived many places, she now resides north of Questa, NM. Her piece is a personal exploration and representation of experiences and insights of home created from her collection of found materials that manifest in an assemblage sculpture. Her audio reflection, spoken quietly and intimately as if to a close friend,  provides a tour of her piece and her thinking behind it.

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Malia Reeves ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

December 2, 2020

Malia Reeves is originally from Taos and “feels lucky” to again call it home. She created her cube in partnership with the Field Institute of Taos, where she works with youth in the warmer seasons and as a ski patroller at Taos Ski Valley in winter. Throughout every season, she is an artist. For her personally and in her work with children, home extends far beyond the four walls of houses and property boundaries into the communities and ecologies of the surrounding mountains and also encompasses the universal truth of change. She chose to represent these ideas with an evergreen Fir Tree.

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Lee Lee and Thatcher Gray ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artists

November 30, 2020

Lee Lee and Thatcher Gray are a mother and son artist team now living in Blue Hill Falls Maine, but with roots in Denver, CO and Taos, NM. Their diverse artworks “weave visual arts practices into community-based frameworks of eco-cultural preservation and wild land restoration.” They are currently exploring ties between Acadia and Haiti, contextualized in colonial history. Their cube reflects this focus via the metaphor of the nest and eggs as well as the materiality of the box itself.

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Kaitlin Bryson ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 29, 2020

Kaitlin Bryson is an ecological artist concerned with environmental and social justice. Originally from Nevada, she received her MFA from UNM and is now assistant of the UCLA ArtSci Center. Her piece is an assemblage of symbolic items that affirm for her that “Home is a place of belonging and containing.”

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Joy Purcell ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 28, 2020

Joy Purcell is a long time resident of Taos and is multimedia artist who loves to experiment. Her piece features one such experiment – beautifully colorful and richly textural handmade paper, which she has collaged and folded into her cube as a sculptural book, “The bubbles represent the quarantine space I’m in at the moment.”

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Joshlyn Medina ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 27, 2020

Joshlyn Medina is a resident of Questa and student at Questa Junior Senior High School. Her piece explores HOME through a visual exploration of the elements of her life and herself. In her work she gives symbolic meaning to the interior and exterior and uses the different sides to represent different aspects of her and her life. She gives a descriptive and thorough tour of her cube and reflects on her life in her audio contribution.

Find images and audio reflection HERE.

Jennifer Vialpando ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 25, 2020

Jennifer Vialpando is a life-long resident of Questa, a National Board-Certified Art teacher and has taught with the Questa Independent School District for 20 years. Her cube, transformed into a functional hanging light, is about being home during the pandemic, seeing the “Light at the end of the tunnel,” the breakthroughs experienced by people in lockdown, confined at home with family and true growth.

Find images and artist statement HERE.

Jaydyn Cintas ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 24, 2020

Jaydyn Cintas is a resident of Questa and student at Questa Junior Senior High School. The focus of her piece is family. Using symbols depicted in paint with short accompanying descriptions, her cube describes her love, appreciation and need for her family.

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.