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Fundraiser to Plant Memorial Trees at Questa Municipal Park

May 24, 2021

Planting a tree in memorial for a family member, April 23 2021, Photo by Lita Mead

All are invited to sponsor a tree and beautify Questa Park in honor of a loved one. Vida del Norte, LEAP (Localogy), SUCCESS Program (Taos Behavioral Health), Questa Public Library, Trout Unlimited, Village of Questa and other volunteers are teaming up to raise funds to plant a memorial grove at the Questa Municipal Park. Funds raised will purchase trees and the necessary supplies to care for them, as well as permanent plaques inscribed with dedications for loved ones to accompany each memorial tree. Trees will be planted this summer at the July Community Connection Day at the Questa Park on Friday, July 16.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is now!”
– Chinese Proverb

This fundraiser was first launched to raise money for a community park cleanup day on April 23 in celebration of Earth Day and builds on past year’s Earth Day tree plantings and beautification efforts. The park cleanup day was organized by LEAP (Land, Experience and Art of Place) in collaboration with the Vida del Norte Coalition, Questa Public Library, Village of Questa, Taos Behavioral Health and other community volunteers and organizations. During the park cleanup day trees were planted in the Municipal Park and people who made a donation of $100 will have a memorial plaque placed by one of the new trees with a dedication of their choosing. Enough money was raised by this fundraiser to plant 7 trees with plaques on April 23. 

Well established flowering crabapple tree, planted at Questa Park on Earth Day 2018, photo by Claire Coté

There is still lots of open space at the Municipal Park and additional trees are needed! More trees mean more shade and wind protection for our kids and all of us that enjoy the park as well as improved habitat for our helpful, nonhuman neighbors like birds and pollinators. It also means that we, as a community can commemorate our loved ones together, when we honor them with memorial trees.

Donate $100 to sponsor a tree in honor of a loved one to be planted in the park. A permanent plaque will be installed by your tree with a short dedication of your choosing. Contributions of any amount are much appreciated; donations of less then $100 will provide much-needed, overall support for the tree planting project.

You can donate any amount today, by credit card at our secure online donation site (; if you donate $100 to sponsor a tree you can also create your dedication plaque by filling out the form provided HERE.

Or you can sponsor a tree by check; please make checks payable to Vida Del Norte and write a memo for the tree project. Checks can be dropped off at the Questa Credit Union for Vida del Norte or mailed to: Vida del Norte, ℅ Maria Gonzalez, P.O. Box 1015, Questa NM, 87556.

This fundraiser will remain open and continue to accept donations and tree sponsorships through mid July, 2021. On July 16th there will be a summer tree planting and celebration for July Community Connection Day at the Questa Municipal Park. On this day, the dedication plaques will be placed under the trees for sponsorships of $100 or more.

This is a project of Vida del Norte, LEAP (Localogy), SUCCESS Youth Program (Taos Behavioral Health), Questa Library, Trout Unlimited and the Village of Questa, with support from the LOR Foundation, Questa Economic Development Fund and many volunteers. We thank you!

More info about the tree fundraiser call Laura Vallejos: 575-635-2934
Or online at:

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