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Danielle Lacome ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 16, 2020

Danielle LaCome is a resident of Questa and student at Questa Junior Senior High School. In her piece she uses carefully chosen images and symbols in a variety of artistic mediums to represent her homeplace, family and school life in Questa.
Find images and artist statement HERE.

Crystal and Ariessa Medina ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artists

November 15, 2020

Crystal and Ariessa Medina created their cube artwork as a mother-daughter team. Crystal (mother) is a Salon owner, Ariessa (daughter) is in the medical field working toward a nursing degree. Their piece reflects on 2020 as “a year of awakening” and how they “survived locked in the box this year has given us” by leaning “toward the simplicity of home.”

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Connie Long ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 14, 2020

Connie Long is a builder of home and family and wood toymaker living and working north of Questa, NM. Her piece represents an Air B&B for migrating birds and the “uplift” that she’s felt by providing for, observing and learning about the incredible qualities and human advocates of “these feathered wonders.”

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Cathy Hope ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 13, 2020

Cathy Hope is a life-long artist, whose primary medium has been aroma; she lives north of Questa. Her piece pays homage to the many birds that have made their nests on her property for over thirty years alongside her own parallel habitation of her land and home.

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Carol Schrader ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 12, 2020

Today’s Featured Artist: Carol Schrader is an artist and middle school art teacher living and working in Santa Fe. Her piece explores themes of deception, enchantment and escape, inspired by her own childhood dream world. 

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection HERE.

Ashton McKenney ~ NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 11, 2020

Today’s Featured Artist: Ashton McKenney, a student at Questa Junior Senior High School. His piece explores “how confused and contained people’s happiness is right now.” Find images and artist statement HERE.

Anne-Marie Emanuelli – NeoRio Home Featured Artist

November 10, 2020

Today’s NeoRio Featured Artist is Anne-Marie Emanielli of Mindful Frontiers. Her piece explores her experience and expanded notion of home during the pandemic.

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection at her page in the online exhibition HERE.

Amy Stroh – NeoRio HOME Featured Artist

November 9, 2020

Today’s NeoRio Featured Artist is Amy Stroh. Her piece explores the sensory experiences and delights of food, family, memories and home. Her cube is literally a sensory experience in itself; wish we could smell it in person!

Find images, artist statement and audio reflection at her page in the online exhibition HERE.

28 Days of NeoRio Featured Artists

November 8, 2020

Join us for the next 28 days as we explore the cube artworks created by our 28 NeoRio 2020 Artists of “Home: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box.”

Amy StrohAnne-Marie EmanuelliAshton McKenneyCarol SchraderCathy HopeConnie LongCrystal and Ariessa MedinaDanielle LacomeDavid VargoDiane de FremeryEmelina MedinaFiTaos 2nd and 3rd Grade after school groupFiTaos Nature Art GroupGeneviève de VellisGillian McCombsJaydyn CintasJennifer VialpandoJoshlyn MedinaJoy PurcellKaitlin BrysonLee Lee and Thatcher Gray, Malia ReevesMartha SheppMary HanrahanRuby SofraeRicky PassRobbie Steinbach, and Sarah Parker.

Tell us what you think of the work here in the comments and follow the conversation on our social media pages:
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NeoRio Artist Roundtable Videos are LIVE!

November 6, 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in the three NeoRio Artist Roundtables via Zoom on October 9, 10 and 11. Special thanks to our participating artists, who shared their time, artworks, stories and reflections and vulnerably shared a part of themselves via the online format via Zoom.

If you weren’t able to join us live on Zoom, we are pleased to share the videos of the Zoom sessions here on the LEAP website and via Youtube HERE.

The three sessions are diverse and content rich. We hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget to checkout the online exhibition, “Home: Thinking Inside & Outside the Box.”

Thanks for joining in the NeoRio 2020: HOME project!

P.S. REMEMBER, you can still contribute to the Online HOME Archive!
The Home Digital Archive is a more open-ended digital collection point for artworks, creative expressions, writings, songs, videos, stories, poems, memories, reflections, conversations, images, and artifacts inspired by or connected to home. Contributions can be created or recorded especially for this project or can be something you’ve made in the past. We are particularly interested in hearing your short home audio stories and reflections. By “story” we simply mean a short reflection on a time in your life, a person, place, food, experience, memory, idea or object that relates to or represents home to you. You can use a smartphone to record your story or we are happy to record it for you over the phone. Submissions of any form are welcome through 2020 and beyond to be included in the Home archive.

How to contribute to the Home Online Archive:

  1. Create a home artwork or other creative expression
  2. Make it able to be shared digitally: photos, video, scans, word document etc. (help provided with this if needed)
  3. And/or record a short audio reflection or story (help provided with this if needed)
  4. Email these with your name and contact info to