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Ricky Pass

“Messages from Home”



My inspiration comes from a natural curiosity of how and why. I am thrilled by the way colors change in different light, the movement and the chaos of nature and how to portray it. As an experimental artist, I play with chemicals, materials and ideas, always looking for ways to combine them to create a striking visual message. I strive to give the viewer the feeling that they may have been in that place before, or a fragment of the memory of how they felt in that moment.

I also work with history and biography. In my biographical panels I use old texts and period references to capture the details of historical figures, documenting their journey through life and the experiences that defined them.
I love hearing the viewer’s interpretation of my work.

Materials: Collage, Acrylic Paint, Found Objects




Artist Bio

Ricky Pass is an abstract artist who works with paint, paper, application and deconstruction. Her process involves gestural mark-making, rich color and textural layering. Her work is inspired by the movement and sound of nature and the intriguing biographies of lives lived, conveying a sense of person or place remembered.

For over 30 years Ricky owned interior design firms in Atlanta and Colorado Springs and her paintings were often commissioned by clients. Her work has been collected by corporations such as Peachtree Center – Salle Optician, the former Arthur Anderson LLC and Buckhead Commons in Atlanta and private collectors nationally.

Ricky attended West Texas State University and studied design at Meramec College in St Louis, where she also taught collage and custom framing. She has studied painting extensively with Ray Vinella, Kim English, Krista Harris and Nicholas Wilton and was a founding member of The Springs 7 Plein Air Group.
Arrange a studio visit or view her work in Instagram @rickypass.artstudio.


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