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Malia Reeves




At the Field Institute of Taos, we believe that our Homes extend far beyond the four walls of our houses. And even beyond our property boundaries. Home includes our community and the places we visit, love and respect. That’s why we work hard to get kids outside into nature.
All summer, I take kids into the mountains every day. I teach them that these mountains are a vital part of their Home and to respect and love the plants and animals that live there. But we also teach them about change. About how seasons change. How wildfires burn and make room for new growth. How weather might change from day to day. Right now, our children are experiencing a world exceptionally full of change. A pandemic, elections, protests and natural disasters have completely rocked the lives of these small humans. And although I’ve been so impressed at the tenacity and fortitude of these kids, they NEED a healthy sanctuary, a Home… now more than ever. I believe nature can be that Home for every child.
Aside from providing so much beauty and peace, nature also teaches us that change can be difficult; the winter cold might seem to last forever. But it also shows us hope. Nature holds us close and gently shows us that there is new growth and wildflowers coming up through the melt.

I chose to represent all of these ideas with the image and reality of an evergreen Fir Tree in its mountainous home. Although the seasons change dramatically, evergreen trees remain constant. Each side of my box shows a different season. And the live fir tree planted in the middle brings the hope in the images to life.

Materials: Watercolor on wood, Live fir tree sapling



Artist Bio

My name is Malia Reeves and I made this box in partnership with the Field Institute of Taos. My job is the BEST. I take kids outside everyday into the mountains and share with them the secrets of nature. We explore, hike, learn, and make art. In the winter, I work as a ski patroller at Taos Ski Valley. And throughout every season, I am an artist. I currently work in watercolors but I also have a background in oil painting, photography and printmaking. I grew up here in Taos and feel so lucky to have ended up back here, at home. and


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