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Cathy Hope

In Honor of the Birds that Create Their Home on the Property I Caretake

About a dozen different bird species have made my property, trees, shrubs and structures, their home over three decades. One nest has been continuously occupied this whole time. Lately it’s been harder for birds to nest, raise their young and survive. But they persevere and have much to teach us about the importance and durability and fragility of home in a changing, warming world.

Materials: bird’s nest, feathers, seeds, crystals, dried flowers, and clay
For sale: Price: $195 (to be donated to Questa Public Library’s new acquisition fund) – contact librarian Sharon Nicholson 575-586-2023

Artist Bio

I’ve loved to make art since I was in preschool. For many years, my medium has been aroma, including creating unique perfumes. This summer I got to revisit my landscaping art and transform a “barren problematic spot” into a bocce ball court and permaculture project. The NeoRio 2020 Home cube is my first foray into the “semi-shadow box” realm.

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