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Diane de Fremery

“Walking with Beauty all Around Me”


It is an assemblage of collected items that were either sent to me for inspiration or gathered by me during these stressful times. These are rocks sticks and shells picked up on my many walks around my property and across the stream. I also included a painting I did representing angst. This was done at a class with Sas Colby at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House when I still worked there.

The scarf I have included to illustrate the circle of life by which we are all connected and must abide in harmony with one another.

Materials: assemblage


Home Artwork reflections
Reflections on the meaning of home

Artist Bio

I have been making art since I was a kid. My Mom kept my paintings and in fact when I put them up around my studio I was amazed to see that I had the same style today. She was advised by the art teacher at the high school to keep me out of art lessons because it might squelch my creativity. On the contrary I started taking classes in the summer first in pottery, then Ballet and Piano. Then in high school I took jewelry making.

I chose to go to San Jose State University because of their good art dept. I got a BA in Creative Arts which included Photography, watercolor painting, weaving, papermaking, movement workshop, ceramics, textiles, Art History, Folk Dance, music appreciation, and Jazz dance. My first break out showing of my work was in Half Moon Bay California. Since then I have shown my work in various venues in Santa Fe at the Encaustic Institute. And a show at the Jean Cocteau theater lobby.

I was in the Studio Tours for Taos for many years and showed at my friend Ann’s Koala Colours Art Studio until they left to go back to Australia. In the last 5 years I have been in the Questa Studio Tour showing at a hub with Peggy Trigg and her partner Mike Ridder. Then annually at the Millicent Rogers Museum miniatures show. And also the Annual Fall Arts Festival. We have a banner project up here in Questa, and I hope to see one of my pieces blowing in the wind soon. I also have a few pieces at the Village Visitor Center. I am a participant at a virtual Art Show put on by the Institute of the Love of Learning at the Seton House in Santa Fe. I continue to take classes and find deep inspiration in them.

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