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Field Institute of Taos 2nd & 3rd Grade After School Group

“Fred’s House”


I believe the true beauty of this project was the process of seven different, young children working together to build something for their new friend, Fred (a stuffed Pika). Having spent just four hours a week together for the previous three weeks, these children applauded each other’s ideas, laughed together, and worked together to create a cohesive and creative home for Fred.

Materials: Glue, tape, clay and paint, nature


Artist Bio

This box was envisioned, designed, and decorated by a group of seven energetic first, second and third graders, who were attending an outdoors after school program with the Field Institute of Taos.

Field Institute of Taos has offered fun, successful outdoor education programs focused on active, hands-on learning experiences since 1996. Based in El Prado and Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico and utilizing the local outdoor environment, their exciting summer camps and after-school mountain bike sessions are focused on adventure, natural sciences, and local culture. In addition, Team F.I.Taos is a cycling team encompassing all ages and all abilities. All programs have a strong mentorship component encouraging youth and adults to share their knowledge and support each other.  Their primary goals are to provide experiential, environmental education, promote the learning of outdoor skills, and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.

Visit Field Institute of Taos website HERE

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