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Field Institute of Taos Nature Art Group

“Camping in The Mountains”



What is Home to us? This planet earth is home. These mountains are home. This forest is home. We live in a place surrounded by mountains and we love to ski, hike, ride bikes, and camp in them. So they are an important part of our Home. We chose to show a camping scene in the forest in our box because that is what we think of as a group when we think of Home. We also included animals in our forest because when we’re out there, we share that home with all the forest critters.

Materials: Mixed Media



Artist Bio

We are a group of five kids who love the mountains. We’ve been meeting together for the last month to make nature based artwork with the Field Institute of Taos. We all live here in Taos and call these mountains home. Asher is a goofy kid who has the whole group laughing constantly. Clover is sweet and especially good at noticing the small details. Kodiak is so good at thinking outside the box and has many fun facts to share. Bernice is very observant and has a huge heart. And Cyrus is full of energy and is an incredible artist (he painted the mountains on the outside of our box!).


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