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Carol Schrader

“House of Mirrors: Leaving the Labyrinth”


Since I was a child I’ve had dreams about houses as labyrinths or mazes, and houses that sink underwater due to climate change or instability. The house of mirrors is also a recurring theme in my art, a representation of lies or deception.

How does one find a way out? In mythology, Ariadne weaves a thread through the labyrinth to show the course to follow back to safety. This is often represented by a red thread or wire woven through my pieces. The boat has also been my symbol of safety, equanimity, and spiritual support. In House of Mirrors, these elements come together to tell a story of enchantment and escape. Willows form the roof and windows for the house, making it a thing alive. But the windows let in no light or truth, as they are all shattered mirrors. Inside, mirror shards create multiple versions of reality,  but Ariadne’s thread coils through the labyrinth, pointing the way out the door. The door itself falls open to provide an exit to outside reality, and then becomes the ocean and the boat to sail away in.

Materials: Wooden cube, mirrors, willow, wire, acrylic, ink, and paper

For sale: $110 – to purchase contact the artist: or 505 660-4246

Artist Bio

I believe in the transformative power of art on a personal and societal level. Painting, assemblage, and fiber arts are my practice for personal reflection as well as for creating community. My art explores connections between mythology, dreams, and contemporary issues. Recent projects include Unfolding House for the Creating a New Year: 31 Days of Art and Art-A-Day shows and the Sacred Anger: Kali, Nemesis, and the Black Madonna community project.

I teach Art and Community at El Camino Real middle school in Santa Fe and previously taught Writing and ESL courses at Santa Fe Community College. I recently completed an AFA in Studio Arts at UNM Taos and also hold an MA in Multicultural Education, UNM, and a BA in Government, Harvard.  Past roles include Managing Director of Wise Fool New Mexico social justice circus, appointee to Santa Fe Immigrant Task Force, staff of US Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, and volunteer with Latin American artist cooperatives. I live in the Commons Cohousing community, where I raised my daughter.

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