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Gill McCombs

Mi Casa Es _ _”



One of the contradictions of pandemic life here is that you can live a life of comfort and ease, surrounded by nature’s bounty and beauty, almost forgetting you are in a pandemic, until you try to go outside and engage in all the rites and rituals of normal daily life. The pink fake fur-covered cube symbolizes that comfort and ease at home, with a bird’s nest inside underscoring the nesting instinct at play. The knitting lies at the ready, the flowers are at the front door and the green path extends out from the front door into the garden. But that is as far as you can go. The house is situated in a sea of glass shards. No one can get to or from the house. Families are gathered on the outside, yearning to be with their loved one. And inside the house, inside the nest, lie two bird’s eggs, unhatched. There is a tug of war between the obvious whimsy, softness and ease of the pink cube home with the fact that it is marooned in a sea of shards, and the eggs in the nest did not hatch – the home, for all its softness, is in fact a sterile prison.

Materials: fake fur, felt, fake grass, glass, modeling clay, bird’s eggs, packaging materials, acrylic paint.

For Sale: $150 – to purchase contact the artist:



Artist Bio

Gill McCombs, lives in Ranchos de Taos. Like D.H. Lawrence, a transplant from England. A former academic librarian learning how to express herself visually rather than verbally. And learning that she has a lot to say!


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