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Kaitlin Bryson

“You Belong”


This piece contains the items and symbols that make me feel at home. Home is a place of belonging and containing. Home is the earth, grown from soil, and nurtures, nests and contains the expansiveness of light and shadow. It provides shelter through holding and embrace and it strengthens and upholds values, beliefs and understanding. Each item in the box symbolizes these things. The soil provides the ground, the vertebrae the structure and strength. The nest holds a cicada who lives for 11 years underground in darkness and emerges into light for only 1 day to sing. The roof of the home is made with hands grown from mycelium. The walls of the home contain the phrase “you belong, you belong, you belong…” painted with soil. All of these items arranged together hold my vision of home.

Materials: soil, horse vertebrae, bird’s nest, cicada, hands grown from Reishi mushroom mycelium, soil as paint


Artist Bio

Kaitlin Bryson is an ecological artist concerned with environmental and social justice. Her art practice and activism are focused on biological applications of healing, responding to the pervasive persistence of harm in the world. Bryson works with fungi as resource, metaphor and collaborators for her land-based remediation and healing projects.

Bryson received an MFA in Art & Ecology from the University of New Mexico and has received support from the Lannan and Mellon Foundations to for art-based, ecological research in Ireland, Mexico and Nepal. Bryson’s work has been shown in Ireland, Los Angeles, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM and Portland, OR. She is currently the assistant of the UCLA ArtSci Center and teaches at The University at Buffalo, New York.

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