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Martha Shepp

“Traveling Home”


Artwork statement

Finally, a way to use the materials I’ve been collecting into a theme of something so essential to human beings: home. As my family moved house every 5 years or so as I was growing up, and I continued this trend in my own adult life, I have often thought deeply about what home truly is. I’ve passed the 5-year mark here in northern NM now, and I’ve been working to “settle” and stay here in Taos County. The pandemic offered a way to be more reflective than my usual “busy” m.o. and claim an inner home along with my outer home, as well as this project, for which I am so grateful.

Materials: found objects I’ve collected – tulle Kraft paper packaging, styrofoam or rubber packing material, ceramic teacup, wooden chair, wooden drawer pulls, broken metal earring, Sculpey head, wax, weathered wire mesh, a once alive butterfly



Artist Bio

A multi-disciplinary artist, Martha’s artforms are the melding of all the expressive arts. She directs and produces shows that incorporate moving image, poetry, dance, visuals, and music, and has been a lively collaborator with creators from all these disciplines in her many years as a practicing artist and classical pianist. As an art director and editor, she has created exhibition catalogs, magazines, and poetry books, as well as corporate identity systems and illustrations.
As a musician, she is drawn to staging and performing spirited works from multiple time frames. She directs a chamber music concert series through the Questa Creative Council. Martha has had a teaching career at the high school and college levels, and is currently tending to nurturing her own artistic expression. and

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