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August Community Connection Day: “Sharing is Caring” – Focus on Seniors

August 10, 2021

In August we shift our focus from beautification of shared public spaces to collectively supporting the well-being of senior individuals in our community. Questa honors and values our community seniors and knows you’d like to continue to age in place in your own home safely and comfortably. By connecting with youth and other capable community members, we will come directly to your home and do general clean-up and basic maintenance in your yard. Our payment from you will be to share stories of your youth with our youth.

Benita Muñiz, organizer of the August Community Connection Day works with two young people removing invasive weeds from Questa Park, May 21, 2021, Photo by Claire Coté

For further information about the August Community Connection Day and Focus on Seniors contact: Benita Muñiz, 720-662-9652 or

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