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Wild Earth Studio

The Wild Earth Studio is a coalition of artists who initiate site art projects and adventure in order to activate personal and collective connections to the natural world. Wild Earth Studio does nothing for profit, but rather expends funds and effort for certain enlightened experiences. Our highly specialized back-country capabilities are expenses that occasionally need funding help. We invite visitors/team members to join us as fee guests on one or more of our scheduled events to help defray our costs.

If you are interested in a fee-based + team experience, contact Wild Earth Studio, for further information and schedule of events.

Non-fee, self-sufficiently equipped and supplied artists and visitors are most welcome to rendezvous and join our efforts. Inquire about schedule of events and projects at

All team members help on various base-camp duties including our Weasel Bus hub, which includes a large selection of solar capabilities and specialized tools. The transport of our arts-based equipment and the creation of special event meals are the Wild Earth Studio’s platform for adventure.

Wild Earth Studio’s Annual Platforms and Projects

  • Southwestern Lands Guide Service (see current schedule of offerings)
  • Art-world Introductions in New Mexico
  • Regional Exhibitions
  • Projects with young artists (videos, kites, puppets, poetry etc.)
  • Artists Rendezvous
  • NeoRio Symposium and Celebration

Wild Earth Weasel Bus: Transport and Equipment Platform

400 watt Solar System

  • solar panels
  • 4-battery storage bank
  • AC/DC inverter

Specialty tools and capabilities

  • computers
  • cell phone/smart phone charging stations
  • video cameras and production capacity
  • digital projector
  • all-in-one printer, scanner and copier
  • sewing machine
  • musical instruments
  • hand-held digital audio recorder
  • Weasel Bus Gallery
  • outdoor exhibition lighting capacities
  • large selection of specialty tools for set building and sculpture installations

Additional Platform Capabilities

  • complete outback kitchen (food preparation, service and storage)
  • water storage
  • solar showers
  • water purification
  • first aid kits
  • library of maps, nature writers and poets
  • solar weasel lanterns
  • propane stoves
  • Dutch ovens
  • Kelty shelter/equipment tent
  • complete site restoration equipment for our “Leave No Trace” ethic

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