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What is NeoKite?
Celebrating wind by combining the powers of creativity, education, and play, NeoKite encourages participants of all ages to reach for new heights.  ART, SCIENCE, NATURE, CULTURE and FUN – NeoKite shares the joy and ancient art of the tethered aircraft with the community. The sky is the limit!

2012 NeoKite project
In 2012, NeoKite artists and volunteers are working with classes from the Questa Alta Vista Elementary and Rio Costilla Elementary Schools, introducing them to the history and art of tethered aircraft. 3 days of kite and windsock-making workshops were followed by field trips to the Wild River Recreation Area to fly the students’ new wind-art creations. The project culminated in the fall with a kite and banner exhibition at Ocho in Questa, as part of NeoRio and ISEA2012, featuring colorful wind-art creations and videos by students, community members and artists.

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Kite-Making Workshops in the Schools
Over the course of 3 short workshops, five artist volunteers work with students to introduce them to the history and art of kite-making as well as guide them through the process of making their own kites and banners to fly during upcoming local field trips and be included in the NeoKite exhibition in the fall of 2012 (see below for details). The kite-making process is documented with still photography and on video.

Kite-Flying Field Trips at Wild Rivers Recreation Area
Field trips to fly kites, streamers and windsocks at the Wild Rivers Recreation area take place at the beginning of May. During the day-long field trips, students fly their kites and experiment with the powers of the wind. Video footage of this process is recorded and edited together with classroom footage and edited into a short film to be shown during the NeoKite exhibition and at the NeoRio symposium at Wild Rivers, Sept. 27 – 29th.

NeoKite Exhibition at Ocho in Questa: Sept 27 – Oct 4, 2012
The NeoKite exhibition was part of “NeoRio 2012, Powers of Sun, Wind and Water” as well as ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness. All were invited to the kid-friendly exhibition reception and debut of the NeoKite film at Ocho, a new exhibition space in Questa, on September 28, 2012, 5-8 pm.

The 2012 NeoKite project is organized by LEAP, Wild Earth Studio, and Artist Volunteers with the BLM Taos Field Office and the Questa School District.

Support is provided by the following organizations, businesses and individuals:
PLIA (Public Lands Information Association)
Questa Lumber & Hardware Co., Inc.
Min Jae Hong Studio
North Star Toys
J & D Towing
Carveth Kramer
Alice Mclelland and John Irwin
Viola Garcia and Family
Cynthia Jane Hartman and Kelli-Jo Kipp
Daniel and Patricia Rael
Anita McKeown
Siena Sanderson
John and Jana Bailey
Anne Kious
Carolyn Dailey

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