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Call for NeoRio Featured Artist

Criteria for NeoRio Featured Artist

A Guide for curators and contributing artists
Please note: NeoRio Artists are featured by invitation, however we always want to hear from artists who meet the below criteria, interested in having their work featured. We accept portfolios and letters of interest year-round and look forward to hearing from you!

Artworks shall be developed, built, maintained and deconstructed at Wild Rivers Recreation Area. All artworks shall be ecologically sound and not disturb natural environments, harm local flora and fauna or cause damage to the installation site or surrounding areas.

All Artwork by Featured Artists for NeoRio must be:

  • Original works
  • Contemporary, unusual, unique and provocative
  • Interdisciplinary in scope
  • Place-based and/or site-specific
  • Related in some way to the annual theme (see announcements on LEAP blog)
  • Related to particular natural elements or inhabitants of the Wild Rivers Recreation Area
  • Developed or created in some way to manifest specifically for NeoRio
  • Innovative, informative and probing in content and manifestation
  • Available for public viewing or public engagement at the time of NeoRio

NeoRio Featured Artists are expected to be present at the site during the event. The featured artist is invited and encouraged to give a public presentation or talk to the public during NeoRio both about the work(s) they are doing for NeoRio as well as other/previous projects. (Details of this presentation to be discussed on a case by case basis)

The featured artist is encouraged to make additional information via books, video or other personal information materials available for public consumption at the Visitor Center during the event and up to one year there after.

Public participation in the creation, building, presentation and deconstruction of artworks is encouraged. Artworks shall be developed in such a manner as to consider the safety of the viewing public when they are viewing or participating in the projects installation and disassembly.

NeoRio is a unique event with many aspects and goals. Featured artists and their work must build relationship between artists, public and environment.

Artworks must be developed with planned artistic obsolescence within a one-year time period or disassembled within a pre-established time frame.

All sites involved in artistic activity shall be completely refurbished to their original condition.

Artists are encouraged to make professional, good quality, promotional materials (including high resolution images) available to the event coordinators at least 3 months prior to the event date (earlier if possible).

Art works/projects are preferred for inclusion in NeoRio that are first venue or debut in nature.

Artworks including all media that are simply “scenic reproductions” of the Wild Rivers Recreation Area are not eligible for inclusion in NeoRio.

Artworks for sale and purchased as a result of exposure at NeoRio will share 10% of the sale with LEAP to help defray future event costs.

Economic funding or stipend for artists chosen for inclusion in NeoRio will be pursued, but not guaranteed. Therefore artists should be prepared to provide their own funding. (This is negotiated on a case by case basis.)

What we offer to NeoRio Featured Artists:

  • Official Artist in Residence at Rio Grande del Norte National Monument (negotiated support from BLM)
  • Modest Stipend (determined on case by case basis)
  • Coordination with on-site/local accommodations if needed
  • Negotiating with BLM on behalf of artist for project permissions
  • Limited Assistance with travel expenses
  • Publicity for event and exposure
  • Possible platform in NMWA publications for pre/post event exposure
  • Platform for the sale of materials (books, dvds etc.) at the Wild Rivers bookstore during the event and afterward
  • Documentation of the event (method determined on a case by case basis and available resources)

To Submit:
We accept letters of interest and portfolios year round from artists interested in being considered as NeoRio Featured Artists. All submissions must reflect points outlined above. Letters of interest should include a brief description of proposed project (up to 500 words), images, proposal drawings and or video links, and artist statement. Submissions can be made digitally by email (preferred) or by mail. See below.

Email submissions or questions to

Mail submissions to:
Claire Coté – LEAP
HC 81 Box 685
Questa, NM 87556

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