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Dia de los Muertos Celebration ~ Reflections and Thanks!

June 27, 2018

Thanks to all who made our Dia de los Muertos celebration on November 2, 2017, so full of good spirits. The space was filled with beauty, the altar lovingly prepared. Your presence, and all you brought – food, stories, talent, willingness to share, your warmth – made the evening positive and poignant. 

This enduring tradition originated in Mexico – a blend of Spanish, Aztec, and earlier traditions – and is celebrated worldwide. It is heartening to share the celebration in Questa.

Thank you to Annie Mattingley for leading her “letters to the dead” workshop, and special thanks Rachel Leon, Questa schools’ music and Mariachi teacher, and the musicians who joined her, and to all the cooks. Special thanks to Wendy Medina for the amazing pan de muerto and massive prune pies! Thank you to our community members and friends who volunteered their time to prepare art materials, bake bread and pies, paint sugar skulls on our faces, make sugar skulls and royal icing (now enduring decorations), and to all who cleaned up, and careful packed away after the festivities and to OCHO for the host location!
To volunteer or contribute next year, contact:
Gaea at or call (575) 224-2102.

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