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Meet our NeoRio Feast Cook and Farmers

September 10, 2015

NeoRiofarmproximityThe ingredients for the NeoRio Fall Feast aren’t traveling very far this year!*

Library - 19889

This is another way that NeoRio is embodying the “Luz es Vida” theme this year: to honor the life-giving light that grows our local food.  Guests will be treated to an inspired, locally sourced fall feast, harvested from nearby Cerro Vista Farm and created by Kathy Morsell. The menu will reflect local culinary traditions with simple but delicious fare such as calabacitas, beans and tortillas with the creative twist that many people love about Kathy’s cooking.

Knowyourfarmers“Sustainability is all that makes sense in this crazy world and locally sourced food is the most important aspect of sustainability,” Says Kathy. “Without a connection to your place on this planet and people, you will be hungry and lonely. We are grateful for produce from Cerro Vista Farm and all other local growers. For NeoRio we will be cooking up a truly local and yummy Fall Feast for our community. Please come and enjoy!”

*It was a blast to go out and take these photos at the farm. We gathered some recently harvested produce and loaded in the back of a truck and road to the nearby cornfield. When we got there, we noticed the perfect backdrop behind the cornfield….there was the NeoRio site!

Went more details about NeoRio 2015? Visit our EVENT PAGE!

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